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SOCIA Lab. – Soft Computing and Image Analysis Group 

Department of Computer Science, University of Beira Interior, 6201-001 Covilhã, Portugal




NICE:II Participation Publication



There are two different possibilities to publish the methods used in the NICE:II contest. Either of those are optional, which means that participants will have the option of not to publish their methods.

1.    The participants that achieve the best 8 results (see all the details at the evaluation page) are invited to submit a paper that, upon syntactic and semantic validation by the NICE:II organizing committee, will be published in a Special Issue of the Pattern Recognition Letters Journal (Elsevier).


a.    These papers should follow the instructions described in the Journal’s web site that can be consulted here. (maximum of 8 pages).


2.    The remaining participants are required to submit a paper to be electronically published by the Proceedings of the Noisy Iris Chalenge Evaluation - Part II contest (with ISBN).


a.    These papers should be formatted into double column and according to the IEEE format described here. (Maximum of 4 pages).









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